When trivia meets bowling it becomes the exciting game phenomenon known as Quiz Strike!

Do you have the trivia skills to score a perfect Quiz Strike game?

This amazingly cool gaming phenomenon known as Quiz Strike blends the classic fast-paced action of a trivia game with the unique scoring system of bowling to offer you a rewarding and unrivaled trivia game experience.

To play all you need to do is answer the trivia quiz questions by guessing the right answer in the multiple choice box. If you get them all correct you score a STRIKE! If you get any questions wrong, you will be given those questions again, this gives you the opportunity to score a SPARE, just like bowling.

Get your gaming friends into the action and see who can score 300 for a perfect game!

Quiz Strike Features

• Fun trivia game
• Unique scoring system
• Brilliantly designed trivia action
• Professionally designed indie trivia game
• Score strikes as you shoot for a perfect 300 score
• Over 5000 different questions spanning several categories

Quiz Strike is a fast paced multiple choice quiz game for all ages that is available for download on Google Play.

To download the Android version with over 5000 (and growing) questions click on the Google play button below:


A little more about the game

The structure and scoring system of Quiz Strike is similar to that of 10-pin bowling. There are 10 Frames to a game each with 10 trivia questions. There is a time limit on each Frame which keeps the game moving at a pretty fast pace.

A Strike will be scored if all 10 questions are answered correctly within a Frame. Or, alternatively users will be given the opportunity to score a Spare within that Frame when they are asked any questions answered wrongly within the Frame. As in 10-pin bowling a maximum score of 300 can be achieved.

Quiz Strike is very easy and enjoyable to play. The screenshots above show how easy it is to follow the scoring and how simple the functionality is.

When the 10th Frame is finished and it’s GAME OVER each player will see the score for the game just completed. If this is a NEW highest score that will be shown. Each players average score will also be shown based on Total points scored divided by number of time played.


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Below are some testimonials of Quiz Strike:

Petr Brunclik 16 Aug 2015 – Great game I love it. Helping me with my knowledge
Stanley Siele 16 Aug 2015 – Great game. Love the game, awesome functionality and the quizyness of it just adds fun to it
Soh Guan Hoe 15 Aug 2015 – Trivia is not exactly trivia to some users. Still it is good to improve one’s knowledge with this app
Johnson Smith 15 Aug 2015 – Quiz Strike very fast paced multiple choice quiz game for all ages. Best app to test trivia knowledge
Lee Simmons 12 Aug 2015 – Well done mate, I love your game